It’s been one year since my Habitat for Humanity trip to Apaneca, El Salvador. It was an incredible life supporting experience filled with great memories. El Salvador is such a beautiful country rich in culture, friendly locals, delicious cuisine and stunning natural landscapes.

The Calderon Portillo family that we helped built a home for is doing very well. After we left Apaneca in late August 2015, the family completed the home in November and even began to add to it. Here is the latest update from the family:

El Salvador - One Year Onwards

Thank you again to Habitat for giving me the opportunity to discover and explore a country that is both intriguing and friendly. I won’t forget this experience and will always remember my incredible team and the locals we’ve met and worked with along the way.

My final life lesson from El Salvador: Life is simple. Life is beautiful. Life is challenging. Life is memorable. Life is exhilarating. Life is happy. Life is forever changing. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest.