We just received more information about the families and vulnerable children we’ll be helping in Zambia with Habitat for Humanity. We can’t wait to meet them and play a big part in improving their lives!

Tabita Ngosa

Tabita Ngosa is a resident of Makululu. She was born in 1930, 87 years old. She has lived in Makululu community from 1960. Tabita was married Richard Ngosa, who passed on due to high blood pressure in 1974. The couple had 8 children -5 died and 3 are still alive. Tabita takes care five orphaned grandchildren- their names are: Richard Ngosa [19], Mather Chisala [13], Nicolas Chisala [16], Lilian Chisala [11] and Freda Chisala [6].

Tabita has never been in school due to financial incapacity, below is a list of her grandchildren and their highest level of education attained:
1. Richard is in grade 11 at Jess Maine School.
2. Mather Chisala is in grade 5 at Don Bosco School
3. Freda Chisala is in grade 3 at Don Bosco School

Tabita is not in formal employment but she get K100 from her children monthly. This money is used to buy cooking oil, salt, maize meal and vegetables.

The family manages to have one to two meals daily. The meals comprise of nshima and vegetables. The family does not have a garden in their backyard, so all vegetables they eat are bought from the market. The meals are cooked using charcoal and firewood outside.

Tabita and her grandchildren lived in a mud one roomed house made out of mud bricks. The house developed cracks on walls and collapsed, posing danger to their lives. The house has no roof- so she is camping in a small house her son built for himself to shelter her and her children. Whenever it rains Tabita have challenges. However, the house structure had no window therefore poor circulation of air and lighting inside the house. Tabita is concerned with the sleeping arrangement since 6 people sleep in their current shelter. She shares her bedroom with the all children a leaving her with no privacy.

The family accesses water at a community tap less than 200 meters away at K1 for 60liters. The water is fetched by her grandchildren. She treats the water before drinking as it is not very safe. The family have no latrine.

The family have been well for the past 3 months, the most common illnesses faced by the members are common colds, coughs and occasional malaria. Tabita has had asthma since 1964- she does not take drugs for her attacks. The nearest health centre where they seek medical attention from is Makululu clinic with free medical services.

Tabita knows a good number of people in the neighbourhood and they live like one family. Community members help each other, particularly with food and offer moral and financial support when there is a funeral or illness. When she lost her husband in the 70’s , the community at the time [most are long gone now], helped her a lot even during the time the late husband was admitted in the Kabwe General hospital before he passed on.

The house that the family lives in are not safe as it is on the verge of collapsing. No roof and the cracked walls pose a danger to the family , if they are to reconstruct.

GIVEGROWGO is looking forward to building a home for Tabita and all of the children.

Mulila Mulenga

Chipalo Laston born in 1942 (75 years), he is a resident of Makululu Community. He is married to Mulila Mulenga. The couple married in 1983. The couple moved to their house in Makululu in 1983. The couple has 7 biological children 6 males and 1 female. They also take care of 2 orphaned grandchildren. Their names are Cecilia Nyemba, aged 16 and Egrina Bwalya aged 5. The names of their biological children still under their care are Renard Chipalo aged 11, Mwila Laston aged 17, Chama Laston [19].

Sadly, Mr Chipalo passed on, on 13th September 2017. He is survived by his wife and all the children indicated in this profile. MHSRIP.

The following is the education status of children that are under Laston’s care:
1. Renard is in grade 2 at Christine Missionary Main Land (CMML) Community School.
2. Chama is in grade 7 at CMML Community School.
3. Mwila dropped out of school in grade 2 at Mayuka School
4. Cecilia dropped out of School in grade 3 at Chawama School
5. Egrina is not yet in school

Laston is not in formal employment. Mulila, however, does engage in part time jobs such as cleaning and washing people’s clothes at a fee, she washes at least 3 times a week and earns about $4 weekly, This money is used to buy food products such as cooking oil, salt, maize meal and vegetables.

The family stay in a three-roomed house (30 square meters) with no windows, resulting in poor ventilation. The house is in a dilapidated state and house has poor roofing materials, old iron sheets because of this flooding is experienced during the rainy season as the house lets in water due to a leaking roof and cracked walls. The family uses a cloth-covered space for bathing. The space of house is not enough for the whole family since it’s just a two roomed house. This, the source of fuel for the preparation of their meals is charcoal for this family.

The family’s gets their water from a nearby water point at 250 meters in Makululu Community, Water is charged at a fixed fee of K1 for 60liters. The water is fetched by his family. The water is used for cooking, drinking, washing and cleaning plates.

Malaria is the most common illnesses the family experiences because of the puddles of water in the rain season. Lastone is HIV Positive and is on treatment. Mulila looks after Lastone when he is critically ill as well as the daily functions of the family. The family do not have or use mosquito nets. The family accesses its health services from Makululu clinic where they receive free medication only buy prescribed medicines.

Laston says that he knows quite a lot of people but not everyone in Makululu Community since he has lived in Makululu for 34 years now, the relationship with his neighbours is very good as they help each other when there is a need within the Community, the family was identified by the partner Makululu home Based Care Organisation as one in need of housing assistant and does not belong or receive any support from any organization.

GIVEGROWGO is looking forward to building a home for Lydia and her 3 grandsons aged 11 to 14.