TOMS is excited to partner with National Geographic and support its critical nonprofit work through the Big Cats Collection.

Big cats in the wild are disappearing at an alarming rate, and this special TOMS collection draws attention to the critical need to protect these majestic creatures for generations to come. Since 2009, National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative has worked to reverse the decline of big cats through on-the-ground conservation and education projects in Africa, Asia, and North and South America. These projects include instituting patrols to prevent lion snaring and poaching and building livestock enclosures to protect endangered cats from retaliatory killing.

Partnership between TOMS and National Geographic Big Cats Initiative

The TOMS Animal Initiative is back! TOMS is so excited to be working with National Geographic for their big cats collection featuring vegan shoes, bags and eyewear. Learn more about the amazing partnership and how to get involved. For the TOMS Animal Initiative Pinterest board, click here!

The TOMS Animal Initiative One for One

GIVEGROWGO is a for-passion | for-purpose movement that is dedicated to leaving legacies. One way of achieving our vision is through the partnerships between organizations and movements with common missions, initiatives and synergies. The collaboration between The TOMS Animal Initiative and the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative is exactly what GIVEGROWGO wants to inspire organizations to pursue.