My name is Mike and I want to change the world.  Ok, maybe this sounds overly ambitious and naïve, but I believe that small steps will get me there… with lots of help from friends, family and organizations.

I’ve always wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of people that I meet.  Since elementary school, I’ve volunteered and supported many local, national and global movements and non-profits because I enjoy pouring my heart and soul into people and children that need my help.
Today, I’m at the crossroads in my life having stepped away from the business world to focus more on personal growth, values and passions.  I’ve found that my interests have one refreshing and exciting commonality… philanthropy is at the crossroads of all of them.

GIVEGROWGO is a diary of my personal journey.  I want to live a life of passion and purpose and my goal is to set an example to those around me on how this can be achieved.  I’ll include quotes that I love and excerpts from my travel journal in addition to photo galleries of trips and books that I’m reading.

My vision is to create something big that will help millions of women and children around the world.  This ‘something’ is yet to be defined.

Please jump on board and take this journey with me to find out what GIVEGROWGO can create… one small step at a time.

Thank you for visiting,