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In 7 years, Pencils of Promise has met thousands of people who started a fundraising campaign because they truly believe that where a child is born shouldn’t limit his or her potential. Over 33,000 supporters have started campaigns and are committed to providing children in the developing world with access to quality education. Congrats Pencils of Promise!

Stay tuned for how GIVEGROWGO will be partnering and supporting Pencils of Promise in the near future!



PENCILS OF PROMISE (PoP) was started by Adam Braun, a smart and charismatic young man destined for great fortunes on Wall Street. As he started his career, Adam realized that his heart was taking him in a very different direction… philanthropy. GIVEGROWGO believes in PoP and in Adam Braun. To fundraise for Pencils of Promise, please visit www.pencilsofpromise.org.

So if you’re Adam Braun or PENCILS OF PROMISE and you’ve noticed us, please give us a shoot! We would LOVE to partner with you on future school builds and find synergies between our two for-purpose organizations. GIVEGROWGO will also start a PoP Fundraising Campaign in 2016 to help build a school in Africa, so stay tuned. Photos © Pencils of Promise