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The MK Project
The MK Project

the mk project raised $112,950 plus 2 cows for 76 charities, organizations & individuals across 8 countries! In addition, our supporters put in 772 volunteer hours for 15 charities during our 4 month campaign! THANK YOU for all your support!

the mk project

the mk project is about building awareness for great causes & charities through volunteering, donations & music. It’s all about leaving a legacy for those that need our love, support and time.

We are pleased to announce that the mk project is now part of the GIVEGROWGO movement!

In certain situations, you ask to see a sign to guide you in the right direction. Sometimes these calls to a higher power are answered, and sometimes we are left to seek counsel from within. But if you look for them, the signs will usually present themselves to those with open eyes. These were some of those moments when the signs could not have been any clearer…


Pencils of Promise Water Bottle

We’re committed to promoting healthy water and sanitation habits in PoP schools through the WASH program-help us spread the word with this limited-edition PoP x S’well water bottle. Become a member of the Pencils of Promise PASSPORT program today with a $25 minimum monthly donation and they will send you our exclusive new water bottle. As part of PASSPORT, you’ll be increasing access to quality education for kids who need it most—and they will give you an inside look at our impact across the globe.

Just $25 can provide a child with a school year of educational opportunities.