the mk project donated a cow to a family in need in Central America on November 15th, 2010 through Compassion Canada!

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Donate a cow through Compassion to a family in need

Give a cow to a highly vulnerable family in India! Many families in Tamil Nadu, India, are farmers, but they starve during the off-season. In many small communities, this has led to alcoholism, suicide and going into bonded labour—a form of slavery. This gift will give a cow to one of the most vulnerable families in the region, so they can sell the milk to help feed their children.

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the mk project

the mk project is about building awareness for great causes & charities through volunteering, donations & music. It’s all about leaving a legacy for those that need our love, support and time.

We are pleased to announce that the mk project is now part of the GIVEGROWGO movement! Stay tuned for more exciting news.