My first experience with Habitat for Humanity was in Honduras in July 2015. After an incredible life supporting and rewarding experience, I returned home and found myself disconnected from what used to be my ‘normal life’. Everything that used to stress me out or make me anxious disappeared. My closest friends and family were also the ones to make time to ask about my experience and to flip through photos. It was an eye-opener, both in the way I approached life and living in the moment as well as my perspective on who my true and closest friends are.


A new friend from Honduras wrote this soon after our trip:

“You are an inspiration to so many and I’m sure that all your friends and family back home are proud of you and your many accomplishments. I wish that they follow your lead in whatever you choose to do. Make time for what you’re passionate about and engage with those that make time for you and want to play a part in your life. Let go of everything and everyone else, it’s just noise. And as we reminded each other, remember to enjoy the moment!”

I printed this and hung it in my office. I couldn’t stop thinking about these thoughtful words and just two weeks after returning home, I decided to jump on another Habitat trip. After researching the possibilities in terms of timing, I decided to join Habitat for Humanity El Salvador in August. I left on August 8th, exactly 4 weeks after returning home from Honduras.
Just like my previous trip, the El Salvador experience was life supporting and very rewarding. I went to El Salvador with an open heart and mind. I left for San Salvador, Apaneca and Sonsonate with only two expectations of myself: don’t compare the two experiences and make no assumptions. I wanted to ‘live every moment’ and surprisingly, I did! And what an incredible journey!

Habitat gave me the opportunity to discover and explore a country and people that are both intriguing and friendly. I won’t forget this experience and will always remember my incredible team and the locals we met and worked with along the way. The experience also serves as a reminder that my life back home can be simpler and more fulfilling. It will come with focus and dedication. The trip also reminds me of how fortunate we are and to be forever grateful.

GIVEGROWGO will be joining Habitat for Humanity Malawi in late October 2015. We’re continuing to build our momentum in making a positive change and difference in this world. These trips allow GIVEGROWGO to experience extreme poverty first-hand and more importantly, to witness the incredible human spirit that lives and flourishes even in these harsh realities.

I love Habitat for Humanity and what it stands for. If you are passionate about philanthropy, travel, children, life purpose, volunteering and off-the-beaten-path experiences, Habitat for Humanity is looking for you!