Just started a new book titled: How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas, Updated Edition by David Bornstein. It’s considered the bible of social entrepreneurship and new ideas. First thoughts… it’s incredible! We’re about halfway through, but wanted to extract some of the most fascinating topics and ideas from How to Change the World.

Here’s a teaser from the first two chapters:

There is a hidden history unfolding today: an emerging landscape of innovators advancing solutions that have the potential to transform life around the globe.

We hear little about them. Indeed, most of the news we receive focuses on the troubles in the world. Clearly, we face a cascade of challenges and dangers at home and abroad – and we need to know about them. But while we are inundated with stories of violence, corruption and incompetence we hear relatively little about the struggles and successes of people who are advancing positive changes.

The ratio of problem focussed information to solution-focussed information in the media is completely out of balance. It distorts reality; it is dispiriting; and it deprives people of the knowledge they need to properly assess risks and recognize opportunities. If you were asked to list ten problems facing the world, how long would it take? Two minutes? How long would it take you to list ten solutions?

HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD tells the stories of social entrepreneurs advancing systemic solutions to major social problems.

HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD by David Bornstein

The field of social entrepreneurship has the potential to galvanize major changes across society. It is full of stories that can encourage people to follow through on their impulses to fix things and right wrongs. Rather than causing people to turn their hands in resignation, as the news often does, these stories nurture a pragmatic brand of optimism and unleash the energy that can drive change.

Social entrepreneurship just like business entrepreneurship ha many levels to it. There are those, like the people described in How to Change the World, who are driven to pursue change at the national or global level. They are relentless in their efforts, in many cases, are truly heroic. But we also need a lens to recognize the heroic efforts that take place in front of our noses.


Social entrepreneurship is not about a few extraordinary people saving the day for everyone else. At its deepest level, it is about revealing possibilities that are currently unseen and releasing the capacity within each person to reshape a part of the world.
It does not require an elite education; it requires a backpack. The corpus of knowledge in social entrepreneurship comes from first-hand engagement with the world – from asking lots of questions and listing and observing with a deep caring to understand.

GIVEGROWGO highly recommends How to Change the World, especially if you are a social entrepreneur or aspire to be one.